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WebSite Maintenance Services Mumbai Delhi India

Professional Website Maintenance Company Mumbai Delhi India Offers Services like website modification, addition of website content or web pages.We are as a Marketing Manager for a leading Web Development & Internet Marketing Company as Economical Web Solutions.
We provide complete website maintenance services, website maintenance solutions, and website redesigning services in Delhi, India with usually 24X7 hours Web Content Improvment and Hosting services Delhi NCR. Website Maintenance India.
We are offering attractive website Maintenance services starting just in 1000 Rs. per month .Its includes following updates:

*Modification and Addition of Website Content

  • * Adding new content to your website
  • * Editing, Revising, or Updating your existing content
  • * Update or correct HTML web pages as requested.
  • * Image Manipulation and Addition (Client Supplied Images)
  • * Update Announcements, Articles, News, etc.
  • * Replace Images i.e. Pictures and Graphics
  • * Adding/Removing pages
  • * Adding or maintaining links
  • * Pricing changes for your products
  • * Employee details changes
  • * Database backup and restoration
  • * email creation/Hosting, Domain management

Website Maintenance Rates

At India Internet, a website modification has an average turn-around time of 2-3 days and prices are charged per hour at our current hourly rate. The minimum charge for modification work is 1 an hour. We are happy to provide you with an estimate price on any job we receive.

A. Hourly Package   Rate Per Hour For Maintenance Work

USD $12 / INR 600

If the frequency of website updates is not much, then an hourly package will suit your needs $12 per hr., 1 hour Minimum charge. Response time, 2- 3 business days. 

B. Monthly Package Packages name For Maintenance Work

Small Business Package

  • 5 Hour web site maintenance per month $25. / month

Medium Size Business Package

  • 10 hours web site Maintenance per month $50 . /month

Corporate Maintenance Package

  • 30 hours web site maintenance per month $100. /month

We are, offering the following services:

  • Search engine optimization  Start per month $ 100 . /month
  • Web Application Development Start per month $ 59 . /month
  • Web Design  Start per month $50 . /month
  • Web Hosting  Start per month $20 . /month
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Domain Registration  
  • Website Maintenance Services 
  • Internet Marketing  -  start per month $50 . /month
  • Content Management Systems   start per month $40 . /month
Feel free to let me know if you are interested in getting the promotions of your website. We will be glad to create a specific strategy towards promoting your website, and also submit further details of the processes and timelines.

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