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Search Engine Promotion (website promotion) is the process of improving the volume of traffic to a website or web page from search engines through natural organic or paid inclusion.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

No, don’t get confused by the term. Organic search engine optimization is nothing but the legal methods adopted by our firm, Economical Web Solutions Search Engine Marketing, for optimizing your web site. There are White Hat methods and there are Black Hat methods for optimizing a site and at Economical Web Solutions we use only the White Hat methods for optimizing your site. There are different factors in your website that need to be put in proper order for search engines to know about your presence in the World Wide Web. Doing business in the web is all about telling search engines that you exist, you are popular and that you are doing good business.

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 Search Engine Promotion India 

Our team of  Search Engine Promotion India experts will simply revamp your existing website by offering the following solutions ----
  • Search Engine Friendly 
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Better Navigation & Layout 
  • Customized Themes & Templates 
  • User Friendly 
  • Improved Loading Time 
  • Appealing Graphics 

How organic SEO can transform your business:

When you implement an ethical, organic SEO strategy, this is what you'll get:

  • Better rankings in the SERP
  • Increased traffic to your web site
  • Customers will find you when they're actively looking for your services
  • Improved traffic and rankings, which are sustained for years
  • Limited expenses, since you're not spending on online advertising or pay-per-click
In addition, organic SEO also ensures that your website is not part of any unethical practices or short-cuts that could undermine your business prospects in the long run. Organic SEO does not support dubious or other high-cost methods meant to artificially bolster your site rankings temporarily.

  • No blog spam: This is meant to harm your competitor rather than helping you do better.
  • No email spam: Needless to say, spam is a waste of resources and irritates potential visitors to the extent that they may never visit your site.
  • No link farms: Link farms promote only themselves and get you to pay them for that.
  • No random links: The fact is that randomization simply does not work on the Internet because people are usually looking for specific information.
  • No 3-way link trade: Many 3-way link trades are illegitimate and if discovered, could do your website some serious harm.
No redirect hijacking: This is another unfair means of redirecting a visitor from a higher ranked web page/site to your website. When visitors don't find what they're looking for, they're going to get annoyed and won't come back.

Why Organic SEO succeeds  

In Organic SEO, content is most important because search engine spiders will read content to determine what your page could be about.
  • Many search engines use the content of the title tag in their link to your site since it's a short description of the page content. As a result, the first step of your organic search engine optimization strategy is thorough keyword research. Only relevant keywords are put in, and never appear forcibly stuffed into the content.
  • Organic SEO also involves doing an in-depth study of a usable linking structure and reports on the link building techniques. These too are greatly valued by search engine spiders.
  • Since there is no advertising or payment involved, organic listings prevent click-fraud losses and deliver only quality visitors from search engines to your web site.
So while artificial SEO can temporarily hike the page rank of a website, those results cannot be reproduced over a period of time. Also, many self-professed SEO gurus tempt innocent owners but hide the dark side of artificial SEO. Consequently, they sell you their ideas and take you for a ride. Organic SEO does not use these methods to achieve high page rankings. Instead, it is based on the fact that a website should be like a star performer: consistent and reliable. Practitioners of unethical or artificial SEO usually demand fantastic sums of money to provide results that flatter to deceive. By the time you realize your folly; you have wasted precious time, energy and resources. Organic SEO, however, aims at winning the game for you and not pleasing you with winning a round.
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