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Our team is experienced in getting your website into the all important maps listings and blended results on Google. Maps listings direct more high-quality, local traffic to websites, and getting your site to the top of the map is one of our specialties.

Local Seo provides local businesses with a simple and affordable way to promote their services and find new customers using internet marketing.

Local SEO Professionals.

Every small business needs local SEO. The shift away from phone books and other outdated forms of advertising is nearly complete. Our SEO professionals can get you the rankings you need. To see our pricing click the button below.
LOCAL SEOs reputation management team can spot a problem and fix it before it causes any damage. We constantly monitor your reputation online and will be aware of any negative publicity before any of your prospective clients are! What they don’t know won’t be able to damage your image!

Local SEO Company, Small Business SEO Professionals

Every year more and more people turn to the Internet to find the products and services they need, instead of digging through the phone book. While this might sound intimidating if you’re a local business owner, the truth is that you can get great search engine results for less than traditional phone book listings! If you’re sick of getting worse returns every year on your traditional advertising campaigns, contact Local SEO Company today and our SEO professionals will get your business listed where your customers are already searching.

Let’s say you recently got yourself into a car accident and you sustained minor injuries. You need to hire a lawyer to represent you. Where do you look? Most people today would turn to Google or another search engine to begin their quest for the perfect lawyer to represent them. Gone are the days of flipping through the yellow pages to find the few options listed in the phone book.

There are specific tactics and techniques that can and should be used to ensure that your SEO is targeted to a local audience.

  • It is important to include your physical address on your site and your zip code, city and state on your website titles. This information will get indexed and referenced by search engine spiders. It is the first step toward localized SEO Search Engine Placement and one that is often forgotten.
  • One of the best ways to achieve optimum localized Search Engine Placement SEO is by using map programs like Google Maps. It is often free to register your site with them and these registered sites get priority for searchers.
  • Expand your current SEO Search Engine Placement program to use local keywords. Using our previous example, users searching for ‘Seo shops’ will end up with a large list of florist from across the nation. So Florists Ferndale or Florists Ferndale Michigan are likely local keyword phrases to be used by the searcher.  Be sure to include content on your site that includes targeted local keywords.
  • More and more local yellow pages directories are appearing on the web. These directories specialize in business that is located in a particular geographic area. It is critical that your site is registered with each local directory that covers your area. The hyperlinks to your site will garner you increased traffic.

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