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Pay Per Click bid management campaign (PPC)

PPC Management India offers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign management Services and Pay per Click/Cost per Click (PPC/CPC) bid advertising in India.

Pay Per Click bid management campaign (PPC) is the best technique in the online marketing segment today. Economical Web Solutions provides quality PPC (Pay per Click) Management services for PPC Advertising and Marketing Campaigns to help you get best ROI on your investment. Pay per click advertising is a part of paid search marketing or it can be define as a paid inclusion. Under the PPC form of advertising, advertisers are required to bid for advertisement spots on search engines, which charge them for every click on the advertisement. Today almost all popular search engines like Google (Adwords), Yahoo (Overture) and MSN/BING (adCentre) are offering Pay per Click (PPC) services to their customers. It has got different names like- as pay-per-click campaigns, sponsored links, paid inclusion programs and search placement services, these placement strategies is a cost-effective and efficient way to advertise products to prospective customers who are currently looking to buy similar products an

Economical Web Solution provide ongoing Pay per Click (PPC) management services to track and monitor the effectiveness of our client’s campaigns. Our professional team of Pay per click Advertising (PPC) experts is methodical in approach and in action that helps deliver large volumes of highly qualified visitors to your web site.
  • Business Analysis
  • Goal assessment
  • Geographical Research
  • Targeted Advertisement
  • Keyword Bunching
  • Associating keywords with Ads
  • Budget Capping
  • Intensive Analysis of campaign through client center as well as Analytics for getting the best Return on Investment (ROI)

Our PPC Campaign Management Services include the following:


A. Setting Up Your PPC Campaign - Services:

  • (a) Selecting the best key phrases
  • (b) Clustering key phrases into appropriate ad groups
  • (c) Writing attractive ads for each ad group

B. PPC Campaign Maintenance and Reporting Services including:

  • (a) Keyword performance reports
  • (b) Recommendations on ill-performing keywords
  • (c) Editing costs per click
  • (d) Re-composing ads
  • (e) Editing keyword list based on performance in organic search results
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